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svolik Miro / Men should listen more carefully to what women tell them

Tuesday, 09 July 2013 11:46

The Ladislav Sutnar Gallery welcomes a Slovak artist Miro Švolík, who presents here a selection of his photographic work from the past 29 years.  He summarizes his work into five chapters arranged in larger series or cycles.


In his series he uses both black and white and color photography, analogue and digital photography, photomontage and photo collage. He finds his themes for example in perspective and gravity and their disruption. People in his works can fly, walk on their hands, carry what cannot be lifted. With some overstatement he recounts memories from his childhood, imagination and dreaming of his teens. He also deals with the topic of returning to the nature, where photomontage combines details of human and animal bodies with the landscape. Other photographs show figural compositions or group portraits.

He searches for an unmistakable visual language with the ambition to express a desire for adventures in exploring the unknown. Just like his life, age, thinking and views of the world keep changing and developing, so do the principles of his work with the medium of photography.


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