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The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art (LSFDA) of the University of West Bohemia (UWB) was established on 1 September 2013 through transformation of the Institute of Art and Design (IAD), thus completing the decade of its development. The school has gained a strong position among Czech art universities and it has become an educational institution of excellence in the field of fine arts and design.

Since the academic year 2012/13 The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art is housed in a new modern building named after the Pilsen native and internationally renowned Czech-American designer Ladislav Sutnar, whose inspiring legacy is the central focus of the vision our faculty. In accordance with the latest trends in the world the building resembles an industrial hall and makes an impression of an art factory thanks to the unique disposition of its studios, studies and workshops.

The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art was preceded by the Institute of Art and Design, which was set up following motion of the Rector of the University of West Bohemia, by the order of the Academic Senate from 31 March 2004 with effect from 1 April 2004. The reason for the creation of the Institute was the absence of higher art schools in Northwest, West and South Bohemia, a strong social demand for art fields in the region and beyond its borders, and the possibility of using the staff's expertise and technical support of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

The Institute was created over a period of about two years. The process started in January 2002, when the Institute was established as a Department within the Faculty of Education.

In July 2004, the Institute of Art and Design was accredited in the first fields of the Bachelor's Degree Study Programs: Fine Arts Study Program and Design Study Program.

The following month, in August 2004, the Institute premises were moved from the building of the Faculty of Education in Klatovská Street to the University Campus in Bory.

By 1 September  2004, with effect from the academic year 2004/05, students of artistic disciplines who had been studying at the Faculty of Education were transferred from this faculty to the Institute of Art and Design of UWB. Subsequently, on 5 November 2004, its first matriculation ceremony of the first year students of the Institute of Art and Design was held.

The graduation ceremony of the first graduates of the Institute of Art and Design took place in June 2005 at the Pilsen Town Hall.

In the academic year 2005/06, the Institute of Art and Design received the accreditation for two-year follow-up Master’s Degree Study Programs in Fine Arts and Design.

With effect from the academic year 2009/10, the Institute of Art and Design got the accreditation for the first Bachelor's Degree Study Program taught in the German language, called Bildende Künste; specialisation: Grafik und Illustration.

IAD was working intensively to develop its activities in the field of lifelong learning, international relations and cooperation with secondary schools.

In the academic year 2004/05, the first International Summer School of Art, under the name ArtCamp, whose subsequent annual organization has become a tradition and has been an inherent part of  the LSFDA summer activities to the present time, was held.

In the next academic year, 2005/06, in collaboration with the Institute of Lifelong Learning,  teaching in the preliminary year of the study field called Basics of Art began. Since the academic year 2008/09, the organisation and education in all art courses in the study programs Fine Arts and Design have only been carried out under the auspices of the Institute of Art and Design, the current Faculty of Art and Design.

Lifelong learning has become an integral part of studies at the LSFDA. This study is privately paid and the art courses take one semester. Together with the International Summer School of Art ArtCamp, they are suitable for the general public interested in art, and also for those who want to study art at a university. They prepare students for entrance exams and studies at art schools.

At the same time, in the academic year 2005/06, the first annual competition for students of secondary schools and secondary vocational schools Teendesign was announced. The participants compete for the most interesting design proposal on a designated topic. The competition has continued until today and still enjoys a growing interest among artistically gifted students.

In the spring of 2006, the first figurative drawing course of Prof. Jirků was organized. In the academic year 2009/10, in addition to this already traditional course, the figurative painting course of Prof. B. Jirků was newly opened. Studying art in these multi-level courses, in addition to other artistic disciplines, has been carried out successfully in the context of lifelong learning up to the present time.

In the area of foreign internships of LSFDA students, under the Erasmus program and in the framework of Free Movers' mobilities, cooperation with foreign colleges of art was successfully initiated.

The result of the intensive development of the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, the current Faculty of Art and Design, is the structure of Bachelor's (BcA.) and follow-up Master's (MgA.) Degree Study Programs, disciplines and specializations available through the following links:

•   Bachelor´s Degree studies

•   Master´s Degree studies

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art has become an educational institution of excellence in the field of fine arts and design. Led by renowned Czech artists the students are provided with excellent Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts training in a broad range of design, applied and fine art fields of studies.

At The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art, 640 students are currently studying in accredited Bachelor and follow-up Master programs of art and design disciplines and specializations. The LSFDA Lifelong Learning Program Fine Arts and Design has 50 participants.

Every year, in the admission procedure, the LSFDA gives artistically talented students from abroad a chance to study here. Currently, 47 foreign students are studying at the LSFDA in various fields of study and specializations. They come from Germany, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, China, Ukraine, Poland, Syria and the Slovak Republic.

At the moment, LSFDA students can only attend accredited study programs in Czech and German languages. The opportunity to study in Czech, English and German languages is offered at the Summer School of Art ArtCamp.

The UUD has among its teachers a number of important Czech artists, whose reputation in the field of art and design exceeds the borders of the Czech Republic: Prof. Jiří Barta (animation art, Prof. Jiří Beránek (sculpture), Prof. Boris Jirků (figure drawing), Prof. Vratislav Karel Novák (metal and jewellery), Prof. Zdeněk Ziegler (graphic design), Doc. Mikoláš Axmann (graphic art), Doc. Milena Dopitová, Doc. Jiří Kornatovský (drawing and printmaking), Doc. Helena Krbcová (fashion design), Doc. Vladimír Merta (new media), Doc. Josef Mištera (illustration),  Doc. František Pelikán, Doc. František Steker and others.


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