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transport in pilsen

public transport

Please find detailed information about the Pilsen public transport system here.

Getting a public transport pass (PTP) is the cheapest way of getting around Pilsen. All ArtCamp participants are advised to get this pass which will entitle them to unlimited travel in Pilsen busses, trams and trolleybusses.

price of a one-week transport pass

discounted (up to 25 years of age at the time of ArtCamp participation)
141 CZK / 6 EUR

full price (26 years of age and up at the time of ArtCamp participation)
282 CZK / 12 EUR

The validity of the public transport pass corresponds with the accommodation periods, i.e. for each ArtCamp week starting on a Sunday before the course and finishing on a Saturday after the course. In case of the music courses the validity starts on Friday before the course and finishes of Satuday after the course.

You will pay for the Pilsen public transport pass in advance together with the tuition fee and accommodation. If you wish to have this pass issued for the duration of your stay in Pilsen, state that in your registration form.

You will receive your public transport pass when you arrive to the hotel/dormitory (i.e. you need to purchase single tickets or use a taxi to get to the flat). The public transport pass does not require a photo – you will show the pass together with your passport when checked by the ticket inspector

Important: Additional purchase of this pass is not possible!

other ways of getting around pilsen

It is possible to buy single non-transfer tickets at the newsagent´s (full fare 18 CZK) or directly from the driver (30CZK).

Another option is a purchase of a pre-paid card called Pilsen Ticket which will enable you to buy your transfer tickets directly in the vehicles of the Pilsen public transport network. Moreover you can top-up your credit on this card repeatedly

You can also buy a SMS ticket (valid for 35 minutes for 20 CZK, 65 minutes for 38 CZK and 24 hours for 70 CZK).

    free-time programme

    A rich free-time programme will be prepared for the summer school participants including sports and cultural activities, trips to places of local interest, visits of museums and galleries etc. In case of interest it is possible to organise weekend trips to Prague connected with visits of chosen museums and galleries.

    Moreover, numerous concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events take place in Pilsen in the summer time. Those who whish to try Czech cuisine can choose from numerous pubs and restaurants. Sport lovers will appreciate several parks, fitness centers and swimming pools. The outskirts of Pilsen offer great opportunity for long walks in forests and swimming in ponds. Shortly, there are always things to do and places to see in Pilsen and its surroundings.

    Do not forget to bring your ISIC card which will entitle you to student discounts at various historical monuments, museums, galleries, shops and restaurants.

    trips and excursions

    ArtCamp participants can join trips and excursions organised in cooperation with the International Summer Language School (ISLS) which takes place at the University of West Bohemia at the same time.

    You can sign up for these trips during the summer school at the reception placed in the lobby of the university building Univerzitni 22 on campus.



    Citizens of most European countries do not need visas to enter the Czech Republic. Please contact the Czech Embassy in your country for up-to-date information regarding the visa process.

    Please find the list of all Czech Embassies and Consulates here and the list of states whose citisens are required to have a visa here.

    ArtCamp organisers will provide all applicants who need to get a visa with an official Letter of Invitation (please note that you need to present the proof of payment for your course first). Please note that the visa obtaining procedure can take up to 30 days from the date of submitting the application form at the Czech embassy in your home country.

    health insurance, loss of property

    Please make sure that you are completely covered by your current medical insurance policy or that you have purchased a travellers´ policy which is explicitly valid in the Czech Republic.The University can assume no responsibility for any fees or medical charges you incur before, during or after the course. It is also advisable to be insured against loss of property during your stay.

    We highly recommed to insure your car too. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use a garage in front of the hotel/dormitories.

    travel arrangements

    You are required to make your own travel arrangements. Cost of travel is not included in the course fee. You will receive detailed instructions on how to get to the hotel/dormitory before your arrival – please check the ArtCamp webpage regularly for news and up-to-date information

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