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Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art offers the specializations of two follow-up Master's degree study programs. Both the programs take two years and the graduates obtain MgA. title:

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The follow-up Master's Degree Study Program takes three years. A prerequisite for submitting an application to this study is the prior completion of at least a Bachelor's Degree (title of BcA.) at an art school dealing with visual arts. In the course of study, students must obtain at least 120 credits in compliance with the prescribed subjects in the curriculum (i.e. in the fulfillment of individual blocks of the curriculum, they must pass all A = compulsory subjects, obtain a prescribed number of credits from B = optional courses and obtain the necessary number of credits from C = extra optional courses). The study is concluded with the Final State Examination, which includes, among other things, the defense of the thesis.

The structure of the follow-up Master's Degree Study Program is very similar to the structure of teaching in traditional art schools  about 2/3 of the credits include the main teaching subject (studio), and only the remaining third are optional courses, which are available for complementing or enhancing individual qualifications or skills of the student. The Master level of study already assumes sufficient maturity of students, who are planning their own artistic growth. Therefore, in most cases, optional courses are offered without being assigned or recommended for a particular semester.

The form of study is a full-time study.

The standard length of study is 2 years; the maximum duration of study in the follow-up Master's Degree Study Program is 4 years. Interruption of study can be a maximum of one year (this period is not part of the lenght of study: the student, during the time of interruption of study, does not have the status of student).


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