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about the specialization

Graphic Art is a specialty of the Fine Arts study program. It is an academically focused preparation of creative personalities working in the field of visual arts. Its pillars are creation, reflection and interpretation. The focus of the students 'preparation is studio teaching, which develops the students' technical and technological prowess, as well as their creative crossing in order to enrich their own style of expression. Primarily, the studio instruction is focused on the thematic level according to the concept of the author's artistic project of the student with the aim to achieve its exposure, or application in practice or application sphere. The core courses are complemented by theoretical disciplines focused on the competence development of students in the areas of reception, reflection and interpretation of their own and foreign work. Students are trained to be able to perceive this knowledge in a broader context and to convey it to professional and general audiences in at least one world language.

The best semester works, semester projects and Master works can be regularly exhibited in two UWB galleries in Pilsen under the LSFDA management, and also in the exhibition spaces outside the city of Pilsen. Students may complete the study and internships abroad; an obvious part of the study is the involvement of students, under the expert guidance of teachers, in many art projects and art events. Graduates are creative, flexible personalities who will have a thorough knowledge of art history, the history of the field, aesthetics and art theory. They will be qualified as Masters of an art school with a focus on fine arts, oriented towards Illustration Graphic Art. They are more experienced and artistically mature than Bachelors. They can find a job as independent artists: designers working in their field, illustrators of books for children and adults, encyclopedia illustrators, designers of teaching aids; they are able to work for new media and to work as draftsmen, painters, printmakers, graphic designers, etc. They can work in publishing houses, advertising agencies, DTP studios, printing works or as high school or university teachers, etc.

entrance examination

A condition for admission to this study is the prior completion of at least a Bachelor's Degree (title of Bc.) and passing the admission aptitude examination, which takes one day. For more information see www.fud.zcu.cz, section Admission procedure. Contact: Mgr. M. Jeriová, +420 377636715, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

final state examination

The Final State Examination (hereinafter referred to as FSE) is carried out in the form of a general discussion according to the specified topics.

Parts of the Final State Examination:

  • Defense of the practical and theoretical parts of the thesis, which was submitted in advance
  • Exam in the theory and history of the field (specialization)
  • Exam in the History of Art, the History of Applied Arts and Aesthetics

master′s thesis

Part of the Final State Examination is to develop and defend the final thesis, which includes a theoretical part and the student′s own work of art.

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