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about the specialization

In this specialization, painting and image are worked with as bearers of independent non-verbal message in public space. Illustration is moved to larger formats, not only in large-format painting, but also through large-format prints. The study is focused on the preparation of artists for their own independent free work, but also for designing and implementing specific assignments in a wide range of various painting techniques and procedures (from painted illustration, through architecture painting as part of scenographic solutions to theater and film projects, to painting transformed by electronic media).

Emphasis is put on a good mastery of craft skills in the classical disciplines of painting on portable supports, but also in mural painting techniques. Teaching covers painting techniques on wood and metal, polychromy of plastic components, and related techniques (mosaic and stained glass).  Advanced materials are also used: acrylic, polyurethane and luminescent colors, plastic and transparent pads. Students are taught basic skills in processing pictorial space, illusion in the perception of the pictorial space, and skills in working with traditional and non-traditional compositional principles. After mastering craft practice, students are able to prepare proposals for various techniques which they implement in their semester projects. Equally important is the development of creative thinking, the ability to express through painting their views, attitudes, and relations to current problems of society, the environment and the spiritual legacy of the past and its material manifestations. The courses develop the ability to rightly assess new works of art in the revitalization of historic buildings and their possible participation in restoration projects in the form of reconstruction of unpreserved historical buildings and artistic objects.

Students of all specializations may exhibit their best semester works, semester projects and final Bachelor’s works in two UWB galleries in Pilsen, which are managed by the LSFDA. At the same time, students have the opportunity to present their finest creations outside the city of Pilsen. Students may complete internships at other art schools in the Czech Republic and abroad. An obvious part of the study is participation in art projects and art events under the guidance of teachers. Students can attend plein air courses in the UWB training center at Nečtiny Castle or abroad.

characteristics of the field and career opportunities for graduates

Teaching of the specialization Illustration and Graphic Art is carried out in respective studios according to specializations.

Graduates have knowledge within the field of classic and new technical equipment and are able to use it independently or in appropriate combinations. Training obtained can be used according to individual specialization. The graduate can work as an independent creator or as a member of creative teams in graphics, advertising and DTP studios, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions, in educational institutions, public administration, business and enterprise, in web design, animation studios, as art director in a publishing company, to create E-learning, teaching aids, etc. The training can be used to address challenges in public space within exhibition and exposition projects in collaboration with architectural work. Graduates‘ knowledge and experience is evenly distributed among specialized practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of art culture and artistic creativity. Graduates are able to use acquired training for their own expression of a belief as well as for an original realization of assignments.

Graduates of this three-year Bachelor's Degree Study Program are well-equipped for practical careers. The most talented graduates can meet the conditions for admission to continue in the Master’s Degree Study Program at the LSFDA, another UWB faculty or any university in the Czech Republic and abroad.

entrance examinations for the above specializations

The entrance aptitude examination usually takes place in the first week of January, consists of two parts and lasts about 4 days. The first part evaluates the level of the candidate’s portfolio submitted (the applicant chooses their portfolio to create the broadest possible information about their artistic range). Based on the assessment of the portfolio, the committee decide which of the candidates proceed further to the second part. In this second part, candidates take several practical aptitude tests over a few days. (For more detail see www.zcu.cz, section Admissions.)  Contact: Mgr. M. Jeriová, +420 377636715, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

preparation for the entrance aptitude examination

If interested, the candidate has the possibility to consult their portfolio with the Head of the selected studio before the admission procedure, after prior arrangement (contact: Lucie Balíková, tel. +420 377 636 801, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Consultations are provided for a free.

In preparation for aptitude exams, candidates may undertake, within the paid Lifelong Learning at the LSFDA, one semester art courses (see www.fdu.zcu.cz, section Lifelong Learning; contact: Mgr. M. Jeriová, +420 377636715, e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or intensive one-week art courses during the annual International Summer School of Art ArtCamp (contact: Mgr. M. Kohoutková, phone +420 377 636 716, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

When the conditions of the admission procedure and subsequent admission to the LSFDA have been fulfilled, students who have successfully completed these courses do not have to attend the same courses again and automatically get the respective credits, subject to specified conditions set by the Higher Education Act.

final state examination

The Final State Examination (hereinafter referred to as FSE) is carried out in the form of a general discussion according to the specified topics, published on the FUD website − see Final State Examination, Media and Didactic Illustration, Graphic Design, Comics and Illustration for Children, Book Design and Paper Shaping, Visual Communication, Illustration Graphic Art and Painting.

Parts of the Final State Examination:

  • Defense of the practical and theoretical parts of the thesis, which was submitted in advance
  • Exam in the theory and history of the field (specialization)
  • Exam in the History of Art Bachelor′s Thesis Part of the state exam is to develop and defend the final thesis, which includes a theoretical part and the student′s own work of art.

bachelor′s thesis

Part of the state exam is to develop and defend the final thesis, which includes a theoretical part and the student′s own work of art.
Examples of Bachelor′s thesis topics − specialization: Painting

  • Figure or object painting in chiaroscuro, i.e. tonal value illusive painting in one color tone and white paint without a glaze, technique: acrylic on canvas or on a firm surface
  • Design and implementation of painted backdrops for puppet theater by contemporary playwrights, 3 environments, scene size 80 x 200 x 100 cm
  • Design of advertisements painted on the gable of a building for an industrial company, drawn design and cardboard model in the scale 1:10
  • Relief assemblage −a mosaic of found objects from one location (apartment, street, loft, cellar), a maximum of 2 cm height relief
  • Illustrations for a book of the student′s choice, only whole page or double page made in tonal value painting, format: double the size of the original to the final format of the book
  • Proposal for sgraffito wall decorations of a historic building used for cultural purposes, design – cardboard in the scale 1:50
  • Proposal for a painted backdrop to a ballet performance, painting on loose canvas, designs − details at a scale of 1:1 with dimensions of 200 x 200 cm
  • Proposal for a painted stained glass window in a historic building, proposals on a scale of 1 to 3, detail at a scale of 1:1 with dimensions of 100 x 100 cm
  • Painted paneau for a museum historical exposition, designs drafted on a scale of 1 to 3, detail at a scale of 1:1 with dimensions of 100 x 100 cm
  • A cycle of paintings on the theme of the four yearly seasons, painting on a firm surface, dimensions 150 x 100 cm

Each student has the opportunity to design and submit to the LSFDA Dean for approval their own individual thesis topic.

Výuka oboru Ilustrace a grafika je v rámci jednotlivých specializací uskutečňována ateliérovou formou. Absolvent disponuje v rámci oboru znalostmi klasických i nových technických prostředků a je schopen je využívat samostatně i ve vhodných kombinacích. Získanou průpravu dokáže využít dle jednotlivých specializací jako samostatný tvůrce či jako člen tvůrčích týmů,  v muzeích, galeriích a dalších kulturních institucích, ve školských institucích, veřejné správě, v podnikové sféře, v oblasti web designu, v animačním studiu, jako výtvarný redaktor v nakladatelství a vydavatelství, při tvorbě e-learningu, didaktických pomůcek apod. Uplatnění nalezne při řešení úkolů ve veřejném prostoru, v rámci výstavních a expozičních projektů i ve spolupráci s architektonickou tvorbou. Jeho znalosti a zkušenosti jsou rovnoměrně rozloženy mezi odborné praktické dovednosti, teoretické znalosti v oblasti výtvarné kultury a tvůrčí schopnosti. Absolvent je schopen získanou průpravu využít k vlastnímu názorovému vyjádření i k originálně zvládnutým řešením zadaných úkolů.

Absolventi tohoto tříletého bakalářského studia jsou velmi dobře vybaveni pro uplatnění v praxi. Nejnadanější absolventi mohou po splnění podmínek přijímacího řízení pokračovat v navazujícím magisterském studiu na FDU nebo na  jiné VŠ v České republice, případně v zahraničí.

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